Forever Eye Lashes



Forever Eye Lashes 100% real hair lashes are easy to apply as the adhesive is already on the eyelash base, these lashes are ready to wear Product.Set Eyelashes Ready-To-Wear 1 pair of Lashes “Black Bottom” pre-trimmed, pre-feathered, self-adhesive Artmatic 100% real hair lashes are easy to by Text-Enhance”apply.Because adhesive is already on the eyelash base,there lashes are ready to wear

  • Noir Demi
  • Pre-Trimmed
  • Pre-trathered
  • Self-adhesive
  • Hand made
  • Imported

How to apply: Place lashes as close as possible to the base of your own lashes. Make sure that you do not place them too close to the corner of the eye. (This is what frequently makes them difficult to stick). Press down gently. These lashes may be Used again and again by applying surgical eyelash glue.

How to remove: Carefully lift and ease lash corners away from your eye. Do not pull on Individual hairs. Replace lashes on tray for next time use.

Contains: 1 pair of lashes

Caution: Do not apply adhesive directly to the eyelashes

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